Passionate about the Russian North: Vladimir Stozharov

V. Stozharov. Pskov. The Kremlin. The flat tower. Oil on canvas

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One Russian artist I feel particularly strongly about is Vladimir Stozharov (1926 – 1973). Born in Moscow, and a graduate of the Surikov art college, he travelled extensively around northern Russia,  and developed a passion for the indigenous culture of historic towns like Kostroma, Rostov, Pskov, Velikiy Novgorod. The nature, history and heritage of these age-old towns are in the center of his artistic focus. His canvases are very atmospheric, and his palette is strikingly rich.  The artist died early and a lot of his works are now in private collections and museums in Russia. Some are still available through private galleries, like

Visit the artist's official website: for more information and photos of his works

  • Vladimir Stozharov. Novgorod. Yaroslavovo dvorishe.

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  • Vladimir Stozharov. Muftyuga. The big water (1966). Photo from:

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Vladimir Stozharov. Turukhansk. 1956. Oil, canvas

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A trip to the USSR: Angela Djerikh (Анжела Джерих)

Angela Djerikh, an artist from Donetsk, creates  nostalgic images of the Soviet everyday life, which are incredibly evocative for the people with at least some memory of the Soviet past. 

Check out more works at the artist's official website:



  • "Between the past and the future" ("Между прошлым и будущим")

  • "The "Ice" skating rink" ("Каток "Ледок""), 2014

  • "It's just you/You're the one" (Только ты), 2011


  • "Anna Karenina" (Анна Каренина), 2012

  • "The Shtirlits of our Backyard" ("Штирлиц нашего двора"), 2012

An Artist from Samara: Nikolai Lukashuk

A May Day. Nikolai Lukashuk

Another artist whose work I want to share with you is Nikolai Lukashuk from Samara, a picturesque town on the Volga river  Though simple, his art, besides being professional, good quality work, speaks passion and love for his hometown, Samara. The streets and corners of Samara (and other provincial Russian towns and villages) is in the spotlight of his art.   I personally like his colors: clear, light and shiny, full of life. 

Some of the artist's work can be foundat



The Frunze street (in Samara). Nikolai Lukashuk

Old roofs. Nikolai Lukashuk

Fall in Boldino. Nikolai Lukashuk

Vladimir region art: Sergei Kremnev

If you're looking for a nice painting to take back with you or you just like Russian countryside landscapes then this will be a good choice.  I am a fan of this artist, who lives in Vladimir,  and he is in love with his hometown and its heritage.  You can visit his studio and he'll be happy to share his work with you. He also collects works of the Vladimir school painters and has a large private collection.

You can contact him at  If you're interested in acquiring his works I'll be happy to give you a hand! 

Two Sunsets. V. Kremnev. Oil on canvas

Near Suzdal. V. Kremnev, oil on canvas

V. Kokurin. Hey Piles. 1966, oil on canvas