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16. Jun, 2016

A one-of-a-kind project is soon to be launched in Moscow – the Park of Crafts (ПаркРемесел). This enterprise will take up residence at the popular All-Russian Exhibition Center (ВВЦ) and shall be dedicated to traditional hand crafts. It aspires to become an innovative creative cluster, bringing together craftsmen, artists and industrial designers. One of the key spaces will be located at the 47th Pavilion which shall host the House of Crafts.  Some of the crafts represented will include furniture making, a ceramic shop, a joiner’s (carpenter’s shop), an organic makeup shop and many others . The visitors are welcome to attend lectures, one-time workshops as well as more in-depth courses and classes.  The official opening is scheduled for June 18, 2016

 Where:  All-Russian Exhibition Center (ВВЦ), ВВЦmetro station

 Contacts: Phone: +7(495)544-34-00 


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14. Jun, 2016

If you want to dive in deep into the revived Slavic customs and traditions, don’t miss the upcoming ethnic festival “The Kupala Fairy Tale” (Сказка на Купалу).  The Festival is timed to the ancient pagan fest of Ivan Kupala, or Ivan Day/ Yarila Day (June 24), one of the most important and sacred days in the ancient Eastern Slavic tradition timed to the summer solstice. The Kupala day was considered one of the most energetically powerful in the yearly cycle, and the night before the Kupala day was full of important rituals connected to the elements of fire and water, among the most well-known are jumping over fires, ritual bathing, collecting magic herbs.

The festival will bring together craftsmen, musicians, performers and masters of ancient traditions (herbalists, banya bathing experts etc.). You will enjoy ethnic live music (expected bands include “Ivan Kupala, Zhivitsa etc), attend in tens of different workshops (among them  workshops of the famous banya expert, Vasily Lyakhov),  and take part in the sacred rituals. And, of course, a large market fair with craftsmen from all over Russia will be at your disposal.

When:   June 24 – 26, 2016

Where:  Zavalye-2, Moscow Region (деревня Завалье-2, Каширский район, Московская область)

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11. May, 2016

Come to enjoy the Moscow Antiquity Fair (Ярмарка Московская Старина) at the Central House of Artists this weekend, May 14-15.  

The fair is a new project on the Moscow antique market bringing together over 200 antique dealers and, as the organizers put it, has a 'democratic format' and fairly reasonable prices. A lot of the vendors are enthusiastic collectors who are simply passionate about certain things.  I thoroughly enjoyed the format and made some good friends at the last fair in April, among them, a team of amateurs who salvage objets d'art from demolished buildings in Moscow and beyond. 

Where: Central House of Artists (ЦДХ), Krymski Val 10/14.

To find out more about the event, check out its FB page

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16. Apr, 2016

If you're into Russian arts & crafts, make sure you visit one of the largest annual fairs, the Fire Bird (Zhar-Ptitsa), starting April 20. Hundreds of craftsmen come from all over Russia to share their passion for the Russian craftsmanship traditions. You will find literally everything, from traditional crafts to stylized furniture, jewelry, clothes, as well as organic farm products.  The fair is 4 days only, so make sure you make it!

When:  April 20-24, 2016

Where: Sokolniki, pavilion 4.1 (metro st. Sokolniki)

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15. Apr, 2016

If you're planning to come to Moscow any time soon (or you're there already) don't miss the stunning exhibition of  Geliy Korzhev's art at the Tretyakov gallery space at the Central House of Artists (ЦДХ).  Geliy Korzhev was a Soviet era painter whose seemingly realistic art is absolutely surreal and up-to-date.  He is one of the most acknowledged Soviet artists, his work today generates debates and controversial critique.  

Where: Central House of Artists (ЦДХ), Krymski Val 10/14.

When: March 24 - June 13, 2016